DERMATORY抗痘系列 60片 Fewer and Smaller pores! Less sebum! Square pore pad suitable for use on acne-prone skin The Pro Clear Anti-Acne Pad takes care of skin blemishes from their root by improving pores and sebum first and foremostly * EFFECT “Pro Clear Anti-Acne Pad” provides initial care for pores and sebum The rectangular pads have an embossed side with a soft but curved texture that effectively remove waste, make them easy to wipe with, like cotton pads, and provide a fresh sensation Has excellent skin blemishing soothing effects that are gentle to the skin! Has a DERMATORY 20 FREE, low irritant formula that can be used safely on blemished skin * HOW TO USE Use after cleansing the face : After cleansing, gently tidy up the entire face as if wiping it with cotton pads. Wipe areas that need extra tidying thoroughly, such as the sides of the nose, between the brows, and chin. Use before make up : Before applying makeup, gently wipe in the direction of the skin texture to clean up the sebum and skin texture.

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