下單前注意,因為是人手製作所以經常存貨不足 發貨期不定 有機會多於14天才到貨 SOUNDS OF NIGHT 40g可預訂 7-12天發貨 SOUNDS OF NIGHT 180g 可預訂 7-12天發貨 MULBERRY LEAVES 40g 韓國暫sold out 可先預訂 MULBERRY LEAVES180g 可預訂 7-12天發貨 COCOON MUSK 40g 可預訂 7-12天發貨 COCOON MUSK 180g 可預訂 7-12天發貨 CANDELS MINI SET 40g*3 韓國暫sold out 100%soy wax SOUNDS OF NIGHT Bitter fruitiness | flowers swaying in the wind | Silence It is a fascinating scent that blends the sweet bitter scent of apricot with the jasmine scent of pure Ylang-Ylang and the spicy & calm herb scent of Dill. It is a scent that contains an exotic and sensual charm as if fascinating Paris lovers in Shakespeare's work used to seduce each other on a dark evening. MULBERRY LEAVES The scent of return | tears on the bark | inner peace Oakwood's heavy and thick scent of wood touches the tip of the nose with the sweetness of cognac, and the balsamic and colorful herb scent of Patchouli brings the breath of exotic land. With the addition of the velvety and soft scent of Clary Sage, also known as the scent of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess, the world of creative aroma unfolds, while the bitter scent of myrrh's precious medicinal ingredients exudes noble spiciness and relaxes the mind. COCOON MUSK human/animal instincts | noble musk | sacred trees Musk's primitive and warm scent of flesh, which contains the scent of animal instincts, stimulates the nose, and the lingering sensual scent of a musty cigar is pungent, causing a variation in senses. It is a sensual and elegant scent that creates a subtle tone by adding spiciness to the soft scent of flesh you feel when you are in the arms of your loved one.

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