需預訂 加送20ml 送完即止 [Skin Type] When you are looking for safe ingredients that do not irritate the skin When you need inner moisturization due to tightness under the skin When you want to rejuvenate your rough skin When your skin needs oil-water balance When you have sensitive skin [Ingredients] Low molecular hyaluronic acid and 5D-combination hyaluronic acid improves the inner and outer dryness of the skin Contains the skin barrier strengthening ingredient EGF to reinforce the skin’s animation and barrier and care for an elastic skin Contains Berry 4-Complex and Malachite Extract to protect the skin from excessive formation of activated cargon and oxidation stress [Features] Inner moisturization cream which strengthens the skin barrier to handle inner dryness and skin vitality Creamy milky formula in sky blue color Quickly absorbs into dry skin to increase the moisture content Forms a moisture protection film to increase long-lasting moisturization Reduces skin stress to increase the elasticity of the skin

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