VB VITALBEAUTIE X KUROMI Meta Green Slim Up set (30days)



新版本 VB VITAL BEAUTIE 綠茶燃脂丸 This product is to be consumed after meals. [Directions and Cautions] Take 3 tablets once a day with water. [Cautions] : This product is not to be consumed by Children, expecting or breastfeeding mothers. Please consume after meals. Caffeine is contained, which may cause nervousness and insomnia. Attention should be paid to caffeinated foods. Consult with medical experts in case you have any liver disease or are on mediations. If abnormal symptoms occur, stop ingestion and consult a specialist. For those who are receiving medical treatment, have allergies or are idiosyncratic, it is required to first check the ingredients and consult with medical experts before intake. [Cautions for storage] : Please avoid storing this product in an area with direct sunlight or a humid area where temperature is high but in a cool area and make sure to keep it fully capped after opening. Keep out of reach of children. Featured ingredients Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: helps to reduce body fat and lower cholesterol in blood. Vitamin C: helps to keep your cells from free radicals.